Blending sounds from EDM, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Funk, Techno, Rock, Soul, House, Punk, Metal, Drum 'n' Bass, Salsa, and more, Very Cherry is straight from the future and here to present new music perfect for gettin down, deep listening and everything in between. You'll hear sounds you know and love and sounds fresh from above. Lose your present worries and join us in the present-future where we'll all be uppin the future. πŸ˜„

The duo of Gahdlyke & Context Killer have been making music over 20 years. Β This fresh incarnation straight from the depths of lockdown thrives on "compisation": the combination of composition and improvisation. Β The genre-bend and genre-focus of their shows allows the music to be infinitely evolving. Β The Cherry's acumen bends the listener’s conception of "live player" mixed with "the machine" through the conduits of Gahdlyke's improvising producer cuts mixed with live playing of multiple instruments and Context Killer's terminating drumming, resulting in a tour de force for delicious good times, or "bon temps" as we like to say. Β πŸ˜ƒ

"An Exciting merge of composition and improvisation meets producer/DJ aesthetics, pairing the oblong with the accessible, the duo Very Cherry is David Polk (alto saxophone, guitar, synths, improvising producer) and Simon Lott (drums). Oh yes, we want to see you move! Let's rage!" Β Very Cherry